Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Struck By Delhi Belli

Monday, July 07 The morning began with a visit to the Humayun's Tomb - another magnificent home and then burying place for an extravagant emperor. The Mughal Empire was a period in the 1500's when the Persians invaded India. The sky is overcast but it is very hot. We are all still struggling with jet lag. Travelers can only drink bottled water - and for that matter must also use it for brushing your teeth. The staff member that accompanies our group on the bus hands out a liter of water to us twice a day to stay hydrated. He accidently gave me the bus drivers bottle that was sitting beside the day's supply -after chugging several mouthfuls I realized that I did not recall the tug of breaking the seal as I untwisted the cap. Then I really examined it to see it also had a different label. Indian people refill their bottles from the tap - traveler's are warned to be onguard for purchasing bottles that have the seal broken. The Foundation's staff member was very apologetic for his mistake but too late for me. Two hours later it was Delhi Belli for me with a taxi back to the hotel. I missed a great deal of the day's planned activities but nothing beats the comfort of the hotel and the proximity of the bathroom. Of, may this be my one and only experience with the infamous Delhi Belli!

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