Monday, July 14, 2008


Sunday, July 13 Namaste is both hello and goodbye with the palms of both hands held together at chest height - getting alot of practice using it! At last we have a free day. It is a monsoon kind of day - perfect to stay in and catch up on "stuff". I am wearing one of two salwar kameez outfits that I bought in the market yesterday. They cost about $8.00 each. The tunic top and pants are fine but getting accustomed to the long draping scarf is evades me. It is either falling into my food or on the sidewalk.

India is teaching me much about humanity. So much can not be translated into words or captured by pictures. The images that have captured the world's attention of India as the pinnacle of information technology and offshore call centers defies the reality of a country of stark contrasts. The represents perhaps 10% of the country. The remainder is very 3rd world.

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